Young Apprentice 2012: Meet Sean Spooner

"When I want to do something or get somewhere I put everything I have into it"

Radio Times Placeholder

Name: Sean Spooner


Age: 16

Lives: Northamptonshire

Education: Currently studying for BTECs (Double IT, eBusiness)

About: Sean may look younger than his sixteen years, but he’s described as a “workaholic”, setting up his own magazine at the tender age of 14 – a venture that saw him named World’s Youngest Publisher.

He’s rather good at taking the initiative – despite his small size, he also set up a local basketball team when he was nine, and when he’s not working and playing sport he enjoys photography and getting up to date with current affairs.

Sean’s role model is Jamal Edwards – founder of SB.TV, the UK’s leading online youth broadcaster. His career aspirations are to run a publishing enterprise and he is planning on launching another magazine – for men – at the end of this year.


“I’m not a normal 16-year-old – most people are going out and getting drunk while I’m sat at home writing an article,” admits Sean.