Channel 4's Rise and Fall continues tonight and as we enter week two, the elimination count is starting to grow.


Last week, we saw the first three Rulers fall out of favour with their fellow penthouse mates, losing in the vote while the Grafters send new faces up to join the remaining contestants.

We've also seen brand new contestants join the Rise and Fall cast from a Paralympic badminton player to a personal trainer.

So, who left Rise and Fall?

Read on to find out which Rulers have been eliminated so far.

Who left Rise and Fall?

Rishika – Eliminated in episode 6

Channel 4

Rishika is the latest Ruler to be eliminated from the show, being voted out in episode 6. While both Rishika and Marina received two votes each, it was new Ruler James who had the deciding vote.

On leaving, Rishika said: "I feel shocked. I feel I was viewed as too much of threat for them to keep me in there. To be honest, I would rather go out being a threat than being a bad leader."

Prince – Eliminated in episode 4

Prince Channel 4

Prince became the second Ruler to be eliminated from Rise and Fall, after losing in the Rulers' vote.

On leaving the game, Prince said: "I think the only thing I would have done differently was probably change my game plan but I would still have stayed true to myself because I’m really proud of that. That I think is what I would have done differently."

Ramona – Eliminated in episode 2

Ramona on Rise and Fall. Channel 4

CEO Ramona was the first Ruler to be voted out of the game. During the second episode, each Ruler voted for the contestant who they thought should be eliminated. Nurse Matt had the casting vote and chose to eliminate Ramona, saving influencer Rachel instead.

On leaving the game, Ramona said: "Are you s**tting me? I’ve never abused my power. I actually used my power to see the correct results. Powerful people can do powerful things, but their actions are really going to burn them."

Meanwhile, the Basement reacted to the news with Edmund summing up the mood: "I think it’s a bit cheeky of them all because Ramona is the strongest character and leader there. It’s very easy to go ‘What’s the biggest threat here?’”

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