Who is Sam Thompson? Celebrity Big Brother 2017 contestant profile

The Made in Chelsea star is swapping the Chelsea cobbles for a spell in the CBB house


Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates: Sam Thompson


Age: 24

Twitter: @SamThompsonUK

Instagram: @samthompsonuk

Best known for: swigging champers and pardying all night on E4 reality series Made in Chelsea

Bio: Sam Thompson has led a hard life. What a terrible burden it must be to be filmed all day while you gossip over coffee, pass judgement over gin and prattle over cocktails. That’s basically Sam’s day job as one of the Made in Chelsea cast members – a show he’s appeared on since 2013.

As the younger sibling of co-star Louise Thompson, Sam was eased into the show under the wing of then resident lothario Spencer Matthews. Nowadays he’s best known for dating fellow MIC socialite Tiffany Watson and if you thought these two were just pretty faces, you clearly haven’t watched enough of their YouTube videos mocking Louise and her personal trainer boyfriend Ryan.

Or their Instagram posts…

Sadly, he’s currently on a break from Tiff while he lives it large on Made in Chelsea’s Ibiza spin off (currently airing on Mondays on E4).


How will he cope in the CBB house without his posh pals? Well, at least when he gets a drink thrown in his face, it won’t be Bollinger…