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Who is Alex Beattie? The new Love Island contestant has a major crush on "gorgeous" Montana

The Geordie personal trainer is also keen to get to know Amber and Tyla as he heads into the villa

Published: Sunday, 23rd July 2017 at 8:46 pm

Name: Alex Beattie


Age: 22

Occupation: Personal Trainer (that explains those abs). He came "seventh in the country" in a junior men's physique competition last year.

From: Newcastle

Twitter: @alxjbt, though he doesn't tweet much 

Instagram: @alex.beattie, where Alex almost exclusively posts topless photos

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Who has he got his eye on? Alex has a crush on Montana before he's even entered the house, which is great because she's amazing and we can't see why she's been so unlucky on Love Island. "She’s a gorgeous girl, and has the chat," he reveals. "She ticks the boxes in both looks and personality, and I’ve liked watching her.

"I also like Amber and the new girl Tyla – I’m not really bothered about hair colour generally but I’m not massively attracted to the blondes in there.

What is his love life like? "Wishy washy," apparently. He explains: "I am quite picky about who I would go on a date with. I wouldn’t date someone I wasn’t interested in. I have to know them a little bit before I go on a date with them."

What turns him off? "Someone who is really fake – both in personality to looks. I prefer girls who wear no make up and embrace those flaws."

Will he be 'loyal' to the boys? Alex says: "I’m not going to storm in and say ‘I’m taking your bird.’ But I’m not the type to just sit back, so I will definitely go for what I want." That said, he reckons he'll be good mates with "fellow northern lad" Dom and "cool kid" Marcel.

Who's his celebrity crush? Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba.

Any famous friends? Yes – Zahida Allen of Geordie Shore and Ex on the Beach calls him a "mate".


Meet the rest of the Love Island newcomers...Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.


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