All hell broke loose on Love Island on Tuesday night when Rosie called out Adam for his snakey antics with new girl Zara.


The lothario’s head was turned yet again when Zara entered the villa, leading Adam to pie off Rosie and crack on with Zara with no discretion whatsoever.

Rosie was not a happy bunny, and proceeded to give Adam a lesson in how to treat women.

“Do you think this is funny, is it a big game to you?” she asked Adam as she put an end to their relationship. “You’ve no shame and did whatever you needed to in front of my face, you have no idea how much you’ve really hurt me.”

Rosie was particularly upset that she had put her trust in Adam and canoodled with him just hours before, only for him to go off in pursuit of the next girl that walked into the villa.

“I shared a night with you. I trusted you when I shared that night with you, you had what you wanted and ditched me 12 hours later,’ Rosie said.

Adam, appearing to smile smugly as Rosie poured her heart out, then told her she’d been “arsey” all day, to which she responded incredulously: “I have every right to be arsey. You haven’t spoken to me all day, you spent ten days with me and then you say ‘don’t nod at me’ like you’re the king of the world.

“You can’t treat girls like that, you will never, ever be happy because you are constantly searching for more, you trick girls into thinking that you are in here for a serious relationships – you’re in here to rack up your numbers,” she said.

“You made me believe we had something. I trusted you and thought you would never ever do this, you threw it all away. As far as I am concerned if you want to go with her that’s fine, but I have come in here to find something real and I don’t think you have.”

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In disbelief that Adam was continuing to say nothing and simply smirk at her, Rosie added: “I haven’t deserved any of this, why are you rolling your eyes? You’ve let me break my heart today and you sit here now and you’re still cocky and still smug about it. I have tried but I cannot do whatever game you’re playing.”

As she walked away, she uttered the now-legendary line: “Enjoy the next bombshell that comes in, because this one is done.”

Mic drop!

Many Love Island fans were very much Team Rosie after the events of the evening, and as shocked as she was by Adam’s smugness…

And for a lot of people, Rosie has become a poster girl for women who’ve been messed around by men…

But some have argued that Rosie stole Adam from Kendall, and therefore it’s hypocritical for her to be upset when his head inevitably turns again…

Good luck, Zara – we think you're going to need it.


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2

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