The jaw-dropping finale of The Traitors aired last night, and while fans weren't sure which team would emerge victorious at the start of the evening, everything changed when Kieran gave the Faithfuls a "parting gift" whilst being eliminated.


Those who watched yesterday's final will know that Kieran's cryptic comments at the roundtable shifted suspicion onto Wilf, the only remaining Traitor in the game, resulting in his banishment and the Faithfuls winning the jackpot.

After yesterday's tense episode, Wilf has spoken about Kieran's decision to alert the Faithfuls, revealing that it was actually his "saving grace".

Claudia Winkleman with Aaron, Wilfred, Hannah, Meryl and Kieran on The Traitors
Claudia Winkleman with Aaron, Wilfred, Hannah, Meryl and Kieran on The Traitors. BBC/Studio Lambert Associates/Paul Chappells

"Don't forget, I'd say that I played the game but I couldn't be one of these people that plays the game and then if I lose be like, 'Ah!'" he told in an exclusive interview.

"He played the game so like, we've been friends straight away. We've been together all morning, actually today. We get on really well and he was my saving grace."

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The 28-year-old added that if he had won, he would have struggled with the guilt and it may have potentially affected his relationships with the other contestants on the show.

"If I won, I probably couldn't have dealt with that guilt and probably wouldn't have been able to be friends and they probably might have seen me in a different [light], do you know what I mean?

"If anything, he [Kieran] saved me, man. I put [becoming a Traitor] on him and he's a faithful at heart. Even though he didn't physically win, he won because he was a faithful. He didn't want to be a Traitor."

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