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"Let's smash some stuff!" – Sabine Schmitz proves once again she's the best bit of Top Gear in new video

The German racing driver tries "chain car racing" with presenter Chris Harris in a clip from the new series of Top Gear

Published: Sunday, 25th February 2018 at 12:02 pm

Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid return for a new series of 'new' Top Gear this Sunday – but judging by a clip from the upcoming episode, it's Sabine Schmitz who will be stealing the show.


The German racing driver has been a regular in the series since the show was relaunched three years ago. After being a named 'presenter' in the Chris Evans era, she's become more of a special guest since – but whenever she does turn up, you know the racing's going to shift up a gear.

The first episode of the 2018 series sees Chris Harris try "three car chain car racing" in the United States, which basically means tying your car to two others and trying to get round a dirt track relatively unscathed.

Who's driving the other car? Sabine of course... "Let's smash some stuff," she tells Chris in the clip below. It's safe to say he's not keen on the idea...

Nürburgring specialist Sabine has a long history with Top Gear, first appearing back in the Clarkson era teaching him how to drive round the famous German race track. She then went on to match his time... in a transit van.

New presenter Rory Reid also got to experience her skills first hand when she drove him round the track in a VW Golf GTI.

It's good to see her terrifying yet more Top Gear boys in the new series.


Top Gear series 25 begins on Sunday 25th February at 8pm on BBC2


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