The Love Islanders’ dirty secrets are revealed in their first challenge

We have a feeling this might create a bit of a muggy atmosphere in the villa…

Dani Dyer, Love Island (ITV, EH)

The Love Islanders are set to take part in their first challenge tonight – and it’s all about excess baggage.


But we’re not talking about over-stuffed luggage bursting with foundation, fake tan, speedos and hair gel… no, it’s time to share dirty secrets.

Tonight’s challenge will see the boys go up against the girls to guess which scandalous secret belongs to who.

One at a time, the girls’ suitcases will come down the baggage shoot onto a spinning carousel, landing in front of one of the boys. That boy must then open the case and read the fact about the girl that’s inside.

Then, he has to snog the girl that he thinks that fact is about. After the kiss, he must reveal the name on the luggage tag to see if he was correct.

The same format applies to the girls who’ll have to guess which secret applies to which boy, and the team with the most points at the end will win.

Facts we can expect to hear tonight range from “This boy says he has cheated on all his previous girlfriends” to “This girl can’t remember all the names of the people she has slept with”.

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Let the games begin.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2