Love Island viewers aren’t convinced Kendall is really a Harry Potter fan

Does this mean there's no magic in the air for Kendall and Niall?

Kendall and Niall in Love Island

Ten house points to Griffyndor thanks to new Love Island recruit Niall, who revealed during Monday night’s launch that not only did he have a wand tattooed on his arm but that it was Hermione Grainger’s – you’ve got to love a Harry Potter fan who’s in touch with his feminine side.


Fellow contestant Kendall certainly seemed to, with her and Niall cosily coupled up. And she was pleased to hear he was a Potter fan, responding that she was too.

But when she couldn’t dredge up her favourite Harry Potter film, viewers were not convinced…

Does this mean there won’t be magic in the air for Kendall and Niall? You know where to go to find out, and it’s not Hogwarts…


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2