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Exclusive – The Circle’s Yolanda on pretending to be fellow contestant Tally: “It wasn’t as hard as I thought”

The 30-year-old contestant spoke to about the major catfish twist of series 3 and what it was like pretending to be Tally.

The Circle 2021 contestant Yolanda
Channel 4
Published: Monday, 22nd March 2021 at 7:24 pm

The Circle's Yolanda has opened up about series three's catfish twist, revealing that her brief stint posing as fellow contestant Tally on the show "wasn't as difficult" as she thought it might be.


The 30-year-old dating agency founder originally entered The Circle as her husband Chris and was blocked in the first episode. However the show's clever producers gave her the opportunity to return as a clone of an existing player, and she chose to be 23-year-old receptionist Tally.

While Yolanda was blocked again in episode four, this time as the orange profile of Tally, she told in an exclusive interview that pretending to be Tally wasn't too hard for her.

The Circle 2021 contestant Tally
The Circle 2021 contestant Tally Channel 4

"It wasn't as difficult as I thought because I've been a 23-year-old girl. So I just had to think back and have the mindset of how I had it when I was young and when I was going to parties, what I was thinking when I was going there.

"But retelling her life stories, it was like, 'It's just me, let me just try and pretend that's me and I'm there and what would I be doing, what would I be thinking?' It definitely wasn't as hard as I thought."

Yolanda tells us she gave such a good performance she almost confused herself! "I was almost convinced that it was me as a 23-year-old, I became a lot more calm and chilled about it. Rather than being all panicky or thinking I had to do or say certain things, I realised it's very believable that you could get a tattoo on your finger on a girls holiday in Malaga, people do it all the time. I wasn't worried or second guessing myself at all."

After secretly re-entering the competition, Yolanda was tasked with convincing the other players that her orange profile was the real Tally and that the blue version of her profile – the actual Tally – was an imposter.


While Yolanda explained the stories behind Tally's three tattoos, Manrika, James, Hashu and Andy voted to block the fake Tally, eliminating Yolanda from the competition once again.

The Circle 2021 series three is currently airing on Channel 4, continuing tonight at 10pm. To find out what else is on TV in the meantime, check out our TV Guide. Visit our hub for more Entertainment news.


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