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Exclusive – The Circle’s Scott on Natalya catfishing as Felix: “It is a little bit close to the bone”

Blocked Circle contestant Scott (aka Nana Dot) chats to

The Circle 2021 contestant Scott
Channel 4
Published: Thursday, 8th April 2021 at 5:41 pm

By Cameron Henderson.


Scott became the latest contestant to be blocked from The Circle last night, after influencers Hashu (Syed) and Manrika got together to make the tough decision.

Having pretended to be his 85-year-old grandmother on the programme in an attempt to become The Circle winner, Scott was given the chance to reveal himself to one other person and chose to speak to Felix.

Now back at home, 30-year-old actor Scott reveals his thoughts on Felix (aka Natalya’s) hoodwinking of the rest of the contestants, including her relationship with Manrika.

Speaking exclusively to, he said: “You do get caught up in this Circle bubble and you think: 'Oh my God, have I gone too far? What are people going think of me on the outside?' But we all knew what we signed up for so this isn't a shock to anyone - there are going to be catfishes. That's why I kept saying to Natalia, 'It's a game and you are playing a blinder!’"

He continued: "It's a difficult one, isn't it? You sort of think, 'Is she going too far? There is a girl code, is she going to break that?'. But both of them are playing such an amazing game. You go in there to win £100,000, so you do what you have to do to win it. It is a little bit close to the bone, like I said to her last night in the meeting, but, you have to do you have to do."

So, what did Scott make of meeting Felix in person for the first time?

“I was like, 'I'm going to meet this amazing hunk from the army; I can't wait to hold him in my arms! And then I walked in and saw basically a model in front of me. I was just so shocked.”

Asked what he thinks will happen when Natalya and Manrika eventually meet in person, Scott said: “I think it's going to be the most dramatic thing ever to be witnessed on television.

“I'm sure Manrika will be very, very shocked. But she's a strong character and I'm sure in time it will be fine.”

Natalya The Circle 2021 contestant
Natalya is playing a paratrooper named Felix Channel 4

With The Circle final on Friday 9th April, Scott so nearly made it all the way. He now becomes the fifth catfish to be eliminated, following Yolanda (Chris), Jamie and Millie (Penny), James (Gemma) and Joey (Femi).

Joey has since returned, however, with former contestant Pippa to masquerade as Tom, the catfish priest. They are joined by five others.

Scott decided to play an older lady on the Channel 4 show in homage to his nan. But some viewers have questioned why he didn’t play as himself.

“I would like to have played myself. But I think it'd be too much. Sometimes I'm like, 'You are literally Christopher Biggins on acid,’” Scott laughed.

“I wanted to create The Circle Nan, the agony aunt, the person that someone goes to when they're feeling really vulnerable and really missing home.”


The Circle 2021 series three is currently airing on Channel 4. To find out what else is on TV in the meantime, check out our TV Guide. Visit our hub for more Entertainment news.


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