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Take Me Out took a cheeky swipe at Love Island in its latest episode

Can’t you two crazy ITV dating shows get along?

Published: Sunday, 7th January 2018 at 12:18 pm

It’s fair to say that last summer ITV2’s Love Island took the reality dating show crown – so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that some of its rivals are feeling a LITTLE insecure about their own place in the TV landscape afterwards.


At least, that’s what seems to have happened in last night’s episode of long-running love-match series Take Me Out, when host Paddy McGuinness gave a good natured swipe at ITV’s sister channel’s greatest success.

Talking to the long line of contestants on last night’s new episode, Guinness asked Amberlee what kind of man she was looking for, to which she replied "I love Alex Bowen - he's from Love Island."

But McGuinness was having none of it, exclaiming "What?! We don't mention that show here!"

And ITV’s Twitter account continued the joke, describing Take Me Out as a “classy show” in comparison to its rival – much to the disdain of ITV2’s own account.

These family rivalries, eh? Can’t imagine what an ITV channel Christmas is like.

Anyway, the whole thing was capped off by Alex Bowen himself, with the ex-Love Islander diplomatically deferring to his fiancé (and fellow contestant) Olivia Buckland in all matters of the heart.

You can't say fairer than that! Now we're just wondering whether we'd prefer a week in the Love Island villa or sunning ourselves on the Isle of Fernando's...


Take Me Out continues on Saturday nights on ITV, while Love Island will return to ITV2 later this year


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