They might not have danced yet, but you can already bet on which of Strictly Come Dancing's 15 brand new celebrities will lift the glitterball trophy in the final.


And you might think that being an early favourite would be something of a confidence boost. But Peter Andre, who currently boasts odds of 7/2 for being the show's outright winner, doesn't think so.

"That’s the worst pressure," he told us earlier this week. "It’s so nice [but the odds will] all change as soon as we start dancing. People will watch and they’ll go, 'that person’s good, that person’s alright.' And even if you’re good at one style of dancing…"

The thing that is worrying the Mysterious Girl singer most is the fact that one bad dance can end in you leaving the competition: "You can’t stuff up once. That’s what’s scary."

Well, that an embarrassing his family on live national TV.

"[Emily's] already left! The kids are giving me ultimatums already. 'You embarrass us once, dad…'"

When it comes to taking his shirt off like he did in this classic music video (just in case you need a reminder) it seems times have changed...

"I reckon I’m going to last ages [before taking my top off]!" he laughs.

"All the girls look awesome but the guys... You’ve got a boxer and Iwan. He’s going to be first. He looks good you know..."


Strictly Come Dancing launches on Saturday at 7:20pm on BBC1

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