Strictly Come Dancing star Carol Kirkwood thinks she’ll be this year’s “comedy figure”

The BBC weather presenter says she's already resigned herself to being the first celebrity out...

She might not have hit the dance floor or met her professional partner yet, but BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood has already decided she’s going to be the first person to leave the competition.


“I’ve resigned myself to that fact already. Because really I am a cart horse,” the 53-year-old BBC Breakfast favourite told us earlier this week.

“You know how there’s always a comedy figure?” she added, laughing and pointing at herself.

Carol says she’s wanted to take to the Strictly dance floor for a while – “It’s the right time. I’m getting on now and I wanted to do it before I need hip replacements and knee replacements” – but adds that now she’s there she’s struggling to “totally enjoy it.”

“If you relax you forget everything! It’s good to have that element of trepidation and anxiety.”

Talking of anxiety, Carol also revealed that her and Daniel O’Donnell were left trailing behind during group rehearsals this week, adding: “I’ve never danced so I’ve no formal training. This muscle, this dance muscle everybody talks about. I don’t really have any muscles but I certainly don’t have a dance muscle!”

“The other thing I have a real problem with is my right and my left so they can be saying right foot as much as they like, I still don’t know which one it is!”

However tough training gets, Carol is keeping her trademark smile fixed on her face, for now. But she does warn that it might slip during Strictly.

“Tears and gnashing of teeth? Yes, you probably will [see that]! You might see frustration when I don’t get the steps right.”


Strictly Come Dancing launches on Saturday at 7:15pm on BBC1

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