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Snowflake Mountain cast: Where the Netflix contestants are now

Here's everything you need to know about the Snowflake Mountain cast

Snowflake Mountain cast
Published: Friday, 1st July 2022 at 12:56 pm
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Netflix's new reality series Snowflake Mountain has really got viewers talking!


The show, which kicked off on 22nd June, sees 10 lazy millennials sent to the wilderness to learn how to survive without the bank of mummy and daddy.

Guided by ex-military duo Matt and Joel, they're taught vital skills for living with less, with a cash prize of $50,000 up for grabs - that is if no one leaves!

With all eight episodes airing, and the Snowflake Mountain winner now revealed, you're probably wondering where the cast are now and if they've reverted to their childish ways.

Here's all the Snowflake Mountain cast and what they've been up to since the cameras stopped rolling.


Deandra from Snowflake Mountain
Snowflake Mountain's Deandra Netflix

Instagram: @beau.dee_

Snowflake Mountain winner Deandra put her $50,000 winnings to good use and opened her beauty bar, B E A U D E E. She shares glamorous snaps on her official work page of her clients.

The MUA is also an ambassador for Shapermint, which is a shapewear company for all bodies.

Deandra put her $50,000 winnings to good use Instagram/@beau.dee_


Snowflake Mountain's Liam
Snowflake Mountain's Liam Netflix

Instagram: @liambr3wn

Liam definitely learnt a lot during his time in Snowflake Mountain where he made it to the final three, before losing out to Deandra.

And he's been making use of this knowledge since filming ended. He now lives in his own flat and he has a job at online fashion retail company In the Style. Liam regularly posts pictures while he's at work and rubbing shoulders with reality TV stars, including Charlotte Crosby, Love Island's Olivia Bowen and more.

Charlotte and Liam
Charlotte and Liam Instagram/@liambr3wn


Snowflake Mountain's Rae
Snowflake Mountain's Rae Netflix

Instagram: @raeconniejane

Since leaving the show, Rae has focused her attention on more TV roles.

Speaking exclusively to, she said: "I've always moved from different jobs. I did musical theatre at college, I did school radio, every show opportunity I got I did and I get a burn in my belly. Going into adulthood, I sort of went for jobs that I know weren't giving me that burn in my belly and job satisfaction. So when I went on Snowflake Mountain and got my mic on, that burn just took out my whole stomach and I was like, 'This is direction I want to go in!' I definitely want to do more TV work. Because I loved it!"

She's also found herself a man, and has been sharing loved up snaps on her Instagram. Looks like Rae is doing very well in all departments!

Rae and Liam on This Morning
Rae and Liam on This Morning Instagram/@raeconniejane


Snowflake Mountain star Olivia
Snowflake Mountain star Olivia Netflix/Pete Dadds

Instagram: @olivialagaly

Viewers will remember Olivia as the Snowflake Mountain cast member who quit from episode one.

While all the others decided to see the challenge out, Olivia admitted that it wasn't for her, saying: "I'm so glad that I came here and saw everything, but I think I've decided that I cant't continue, so I think I'm going to go home."

Since the show, the Ohio native has moved to Santa Monica, California. While it's not clear what Olivia does for work, she refers to herself as an "entrepreneur " in her Instagram bio.

Olivia, who has moved to Santa Monica Instagram/@olivialagaly


Snowflake Mountain's Devon
Snowflake Mountain's Devon Netflix

Instagram: @devbabydied

Devon isn't just a party girl these days.

She has created a TikTok account to share her daily adventures, and recently she attended a protest in relation to the Supreme Court's recent overturn of Roe vs. Wade.

Devon and Francesca
Devon and Francesca Instagram/@devbabydied


Snowflake Mountain's Solomon
Snowflake Mountain's Solomon Netflix

Instagram: @jesusxsolomon

Solomon was known for bringing the drama on the campsite, but he seems to have calmed down a lot since filming stopped. He's since relocated from Virginia to Los Angeles and is concentrating on his faith, writing in his bio: "No Givenchy Just Jesus."

He also offers fans Christian life coaching sessions.

Solomon, who has relocated to Los Angeles Instagram/@jesusxsolomon


Snowflake Mountain's Carl
Snowflake Mountain's Carl Netflix

Instagram: @carllariviere1

Carl has thrown himself back into modelling following the Netflix series. He recently signed with Verge Models, and has worked with brands including Hollister.

Snowflake Mountain's Carl
Carl has recently signed with Verge Models Instagram/@carllariviere1


Snowflake Mountain's Randy
Snowflake Mountain's Randy Netflix

Instagram: @randy_wentworth

Since appearing on Snowflake Mountain, Randy has focused his energy into his wrestling career. He now goes by his stage name, the Boujee Brawler, and sells his own t-shirts.

Randy Wentworth
Randy 'the Boujee Brawler' Instagram/@randy_wentworth


Snowflake Mountain's Francesca
Snowflake Mountain's Francesca Netflix

Instagram: @francescageoo

It looks like Francesca has returned to her glamorous New York City lifestyle since filming stopped. But, she's also found herself a man - who she's been sharing lots of cute, loved up snaps with. Congrats, girl!

Francesca and partner
Francesca and partner Instagram/@ francescageoo


Snowflake Mountain's Darriera
Snowflake Mountain's Darriea Netflix

Instagram: @babefromthesun

Darriea has been working overtime since filming wrapped up. She recently opened her own art studio. As well as this she is an ambassador for Remake, which is non-profit organisation that fights for fair pay for women in the clothing industry. It's great to see Darriea using her skills to do what she loves!

Darriea has been working overtime since filming wrapped up Netflix/@babefromthesun


Snowflake Mountain's Sunny
Snowflake Mountain's Sunny Netflix

Instagram: @sunnymalicc

It's not really known what Sunny's been up to since appearing on Snowflake Mountain, but his Instagram bio has his account listed as "Hot dog restaurant" so perhaps he's opened a business...

Snowflake Mountain Sunny
It's not really known what Sunny's been up to Instagram/@sunnymalicc

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