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Russell Watson talks about I’m A Celebrity mishaps following elimination

Russell says he chipped his tooth during a challenge as he wanted to impress the other campmates.

Russell Watson
Published: Wednesday, 2nd December 2020 at 9:00 pm

He was the fifth campmate to leave the I'm A Celebrity 2020 castle, after a double vote on Tuesday night, and singer Russell Watson couldn't be happier to be back to his home comforts.


While Russell is feeling pretty proud he managed to survive the cold weather and excruciating conditions, he did have his fair share of mishaps in the castle.

One of the challenges saw him chip a tooth while sticking his head in a bowl of rotten tomatoes. He also got very up, close and personal with some beetles, and it's safe to say they left their mark – literally!

Speaking to press including a day after his eviction, Russell admitted he almost broke his tooth because he was trying to impress the celebs in the I'm A Celebrity 2020 line-up.

"The chipped tooth was because I was so desperate to make a good impression because obviously I went in a couple of days later than everybody else, so I'm sticking my head in this bowl full of rotten tomatoes and I'm pulling these plastic things out with my teeth," he said.

"And it was one of them that was loaded with tomatoes and it was really heavy and I just yanked it and I felt a chip in my tooth. I thought the whole thing was going to go and I thought, 'Ah great, this is gonna look great isn't it for two weeks on national television with my front teeth missing? I’m going to look like a right donkey!'"

He continued: "Those millions of beetles they put down my pants, they bite. Just below my knee was a spot of red. The medic had to come and have a look at it."

Despite the various blunders, Russell - who joined the camp late with actress Ruthie Henshall - is feeling pretty pleased with himself.

Prior to signing up for the 20th series, the 54-year-old didn't think he'd be able to take part in the show due to previous health issues.

In 2006, Russell was diagnosed with a brain tumour on his pituitary gland. After receiving treatment for the tumour, he started to experience similar symptoms 12 months later and was diagnosed with another tumour. He now has to take medication daily to stay alive.

He explained: "Before I went in, I did have my doubts that I'd be able to do it because I have to take a lot of medication in the morning to kickstart my body. Because I don't produce hormones naturally, I have to inject growth hormone. I have to take testosterone as a gel. I take hydrocortisone tablets and if I don’t take those you know in two or three days I could be dead. I was wondering if I was going to be ok with the calories, but I got through it! I feel really proud of myself, and my family is proud of me!"

And so you should, Russell!


I'm A Celebrity is on ITV at 9pm. To see what’s on right now, remember to check out our TV Guide.


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