Of course people wanted BGT’s Mr Uekusa to perform for the queen

But sadly the comedy stripper missed out a spot in the Royal Variety show

ITV, Getty, TL

Off-beat. Unique. Semi-nude.  Just some of the words one could use to describe Mr Uekusa’s performance on the third Britain’s Got Talent semi-final.


Taking to the stage in a sharp suit, the 30-year-old from Japan swiftly stripped down to his underwear, flipped a hula hoop from his nipple to his mouth and balanced a mug on his groin as a drone pulled a cloth out from underneath it. And then he stood there wearing only a napkin to receive the judges’ comments.

So obviously a large group of people wanted him to win. Specifically, a lot of people wanted him to win and perform in The Royal Variety show in front of the Windsors…

But sadly it wasn’t to be: due to lack of votes, Mr Uekusa failed to make it to the competition’s grand final. But, hey, that doesn’t mean the royals can’t hire him privately, right?


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