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Montana snogs Love Island newcomer Alex as Kem shares a bed with two girls in Casa Amor

Camilla and Craig also grow closer – but is the new Islander playing a game?

Published: Friday, 30th June 2017 at 1:39 pm

It's all going down in Love Island as the contestants continue to get to know the 11 newcomers.


And after several weeks spent in friendly couplings – or being screwed over by Simon – it looks like Montana might finally have found a fella worthy of her time. Tonight's episode sees one of our favourite islanders lock lips with Alex Beattie – the newbie who announced he had his eye on "gorgeous" Montana before he'd even entered the villa.

When the two villas are set a game of raunchy charades, Alex acts out "snogging" by pulling in Montana for a smooch.

And after telling Camilla he's ticking all her boxes, Montana later shares a bed with Alex, telling him "you can give me a kiss" which he, of course, does.

Meanwhile, Cam is continuing her mission to get over Jonny by spending plenty of time with new boy Craig. Is he playing a game or are his feelings genuine? We're still not sure, but he's certainly pulling out all the stops to win her over... and it seems to be working.

"Out of everything that could have been said to me at this moment in time to give me the boost I needed to just keep going, he said all the right things," Camilla tells Montana. "I can't explain."

In the Beach Hut, she smiles: "I'm still getting to know Craig but he is very interesting, very considerate, and he's really attractive."

As the oldest boy and girl in the villa, the pair are tasked to kiss for five seconds during a series of cheeky challenges, before sharing a heart-to-heart by the fire pit. "Just because I'm from a different area than you and I talk differently to you and I look differently to you, that doesn't mean anything. When you've got that connection and you've got that vibe there, none of that stuff matters," Craig tells her.

Has Camilla found her prince? Or is Craig wise to her popularity and keen to ride his way to the cash prize? Time will tell.

But one couple we're pretty sure won't go the distance are Amber and Kem after he makes a beeline for not one, not two, but three of the girls staying in Casa Amor.

With Amber convinced he won't find anyone new (oh dear), Kem tells Chris that "Amelia and Chyna, they all said they want a little bit of carrot" (yes, the crudité and hummus analogy is BACK).

He later tells Amelia that his Amber saga is "done" before sharing a bed with the model and telling her he'd like to get to know her. But she's not the only one he cracks on with...

Kem goes on to tell Danielle "if I was to couple up with anyone in here it would probably be you" before asking Chyna if he can also share a bed with her that night. Will they kiss? And will Amber continue to hold out for a man trying to stick it on any female with a pulse?


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2


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