Love Island’s Simon reveals his regrets over Montana after he is dumped from the show

After picking Tyla in the recoupling, Simon wishes he'd put in the graft with Montana


Simon has finally come to his senses about giving things a proper go with Montana – but only after he’d been dumped from the Love Island villa!


It’s a case of too little too late for Simon, who was ejected by his fellow islanders this evening when he and Tyla came bottom of the public vote and the contestants were forced to choose just one of them to stay.

Now only after leaving the villa has Simon said his one regret is not giving Montana more time and that he would devoted himself to her fully if he could have his experience again. Basically, he finally realised what we knew all along – that Montana is ace!

“It feels like the attraction could have grown into more of a physical one,” he said after being dumped from the show. “The physical attraction wasn’t there as much as it was with other people in the villa but the way I got along with Montana, I don’t think I could actually get on with a girl more.

“She was a lot like myself so it was rubbish really, I would have liked to see where me and Montana could have gone. If I could do it again I would just give my time to Montana fully.”

Describing Montana as his best friend of the girls in the villa, Simon was also asked if he had any regrets. He said: “It’s quite intense in there and you need to let people know your feelings and there is a big emphasis on being honest.

“I feel like I was honest but my only regret is, I wish I’d given Montana more time. I think she’s a really good girl and we did get along really so that’s my regret.”


He even went so far as to say that “whoever gets” Montana would be lucky (what a doofus) and that she could go on to win the whole show! He’s certainly changed his tune from admitting he wanted to rip Amber’s clothes off…

Simon also reckoned that Amber was probably playing a game in the villa.

“But at the same time she is just back and forth in her own head as well,” Simon said. “I don’t think she’s maliciously playing the game, she just isn’t 100 per cent on Kem. But then Kem is her safety blanket in there and at times she feels she does need him because it’s important to have that connection in there.”

Meanwhile, if one couple were to get engaged this time next year, he reckons it’d be Marcel and Gabby. Although it hardly takes Poirot to figure that one out after Marcel basically proposed to his now-girlfriend last night…

Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.