Monica Michael jokes ‘sexy’ Beyoncé X Factor performance could be “really cringey”

“I don’t really do sexy” Monica laughs as she teases her outfit is "something else"

The X Factor’s vocal coach Annabel Williams has promised Monica Michael’s cover of Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love will be “really sexy” tonight, but the singer herself isn’t so sure, saying it could be “really cringey”.


“I don’t really do sexy,” she confessed to “I’m not going to pretend that I do. I’m just going to fake it until I make it. Hopefully I do a good job, otherwise it’s going to be cringey, really cringey.” 

Monica admits she “didn’t think it was possible” to make the original track even sexier – this week’s reinvention theme calling on the singers to put their own twist on an existing song – but she says they’ve slowed it right down.

“I think because it’s so sensual, you need to slow it down and really deliver every word and eye contact and everything like that.”

And Monica says she can’t be shy of the performance.

“You either go in or stay home with this song; you can’t be half-hearted,” Monica said, sharing the tips mentor Rita Ora has been giving her.

“She was like ‘You’ve got to own it. When you put your hip to the side, move that hip like it’s going to be dislocated. Do things drastically. Don’t do things half-hearted. Don’t do things in half measures.’ They were some really good tips she gave me.”

Plus, it sounds like stylists have won a small battle: getting Monica out of her go-to colour.

“They’ve put me out of black. It’s a little bit nerve-wracking,” the singer admitted. “It’s completely out of my comfort zone. But I know you’ve got to try different things.

“The dress they’re putting me in is something else. It’s bling. That’s all I can say right now, it’s very blingy.”


The X Factor continues tonight Saturday 7th November at 8pm on ITV