Miranda hearts Strictly Come Dancing but her denial is the best yet

The actress has her reasons for not hitting the dance floor this year, although Judy Murray wants to change her mind…

Actress Miranda Hart may adore Strictly Come Dancing, but she’s got her reasons for not hitting the shiny dance floor: her intended partner isn’t quite ready yet.


Yes, Ms Hart is waiting for a certain Radio 2 presenter, Jeremy Vine, to get his moves just right.

Sure he’s not even set foot inside the Strictly ballroom, only being confirmed as a contestant at the beginning of this week. But after digging up this video of Mr Vine doing a tremendous fishnet-clad Rocky Horror tribute, I’d say Hart’s backing the right horse: Vine will be ready in no time.

Of course, fans remain hopeful Hart will change her mind. Even tennis coach Judy Murray, who competed last year, thinks she should give it a go. She’ll help out. Sort of.

And we know Hart has her own fancy footwork to show off, seen here dancing with co-star – and rumoured Strictly contestant – Tom Ellis…

Until next year, eh?

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