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Meet the Real Housewives of Cheshire

The flashiest, most confrontational females in the North of England tell what to expect from ITVBe's brand new reality show...

Published: Monday, 12th January 2015 at 1:02 pm

"It's like a jungle but in Cheshire" says footballer's wife Magali Gorré of ITVBe's new reality show. And she's not talking about the acres of green grass surrounding the colossal mansions owned by the show's cast. We've been promised fights, shiny clothes, flashy houses and laughs— and boy, do we get it.


As the first UK version of America's Real Housewives series airs tonight, Dawn Ward, Lauren Simon, Leanne Brown, Tanya Bardsley, Ampika Pickston and Magali Gorré spoke to about what it was like doing the show, why they took part and whether they're worried about people judging them...

Dawn Ward

Age: 41

Location: Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Married to: Businessman and former Manchester City footballer Ashley Ward

Children: Four daughters - Darby, Taylor, Charlie and Aston

Dawn has been married to former Manchester City footballer and businessman Ashley Ward for 19 years. They run their interior design and construction business together and within the grounds of their home Warford Hall they have their own private stables with 15 horses and two grooms. In other words, their home is absolutely massive.

Why is this different from every other Real Housewives? "NBC [the TV network} could have chosen London but they’ve definitely done the right thing because what you get with Cheshire is northern humour, you get six women that are actually real women.

"And most females in this country will definitely relate to us and think, ‘yeah you know what, they might have nice houses and nice lifestyles but they're actually nice, normal girls.'"

How did your family feel about you putting your life on TV?

"My family were really supportive. The only complaint I got was my seven year old who said to my PA, 'this is just so not fair, mummy's keeps doing this movie and I've not been in it enough.'"

Are you worried about being judged by viewers? 

"I get judged all the time, I'm used to it. You're going to get people that like me, and that don’t— and that’s what we signed up for."

Lauren Simon

Age: 42

Location: Bowdon, Cheshire

Married to: Businessman Paul Simon

Children: Two Daughters

Lauren is married to Paul Simon, a successful businessman, and she spends her life organising friends holidays and parties at their homes in Marbella, Florida and Cheshire. In one episode of the show, she holds a birthday party for her pet rabbit. Because why not?

Did you always want to be on TV?

"I wanted to be famous forever. I wanted everyone to know who I am and now you all will— for all the wrong reasons!"

What concerned you about doing the show?


"I was worried that my husband wouldn't want to be in it but I'm so excited he is. It's given me another dimension, so you don’t only see the rubbish that’s coming out of my mouth."


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