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Meet the cast of Taking New York

Your guide to who's who in E4's new structured reality show...

Published: Monday, 9th February 2015 at 4:30 pm


Age: 24


From: Braintree, Essex

Living: Been in New York seven years, lives in Brooklyn with Ben and Danny

Occupation: Model

Relationship status: Single

Like Danny and Ben, Jamie came to New York to advance his career as a male model, when he was just 18. He lives the epitome of a bachelor lifestyle. "I can do what I want," is his catchphrase...


From: London

Occupation: Model

Living: In New York for five years. Lives in Brooklyn with Jamie and Ben

Relationship status: In a relationship at first and then single

Originally from Croydon, Danny’s friendship with Ben and Jamie and his desire to take his career stateside brought him to NYC. Before that he had lived with Ben in London. He calls himself a "hopeless romantic" but how long will that sweet side last?


Age: 21

From: Ealing, London

Living: Fresh to New York

Occupation: Model, club promoter

Relationship status: Single


Henry is the new boy in town; he lived in NYC for four months in 2013 but decided to take the plunge and has recently arrived with a view to making it permanent. He's just made friends with the other male models and is enjoying the American girls...


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