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Meet Gogglebox's Ralf, Viv and Eve Woerdenweber - but not Silent Jay

The heavy metal family are doing wonders for Anglo-German relations - but what ever happened to the fourth Goggleboxer...?

Gogglebox Woerdenweber family

Who are they?

German-born Ralf Woerdenweber, 52, his English wife Viv, 53, and their daughter Eve, 21. Fans of Eve’s boyfriend “Silent” Jay will be sadly aware that he is no longer a fixture on the W’s sofa, or in Eve's love life, although the pair remain friends.


Where do they live and what do they do?

The Woerdenwebers live in Tranmere on the Wirral. Viv runs a shop called Twilight, which stocks everything for the self-respecting Goth, while Ralf works for German electronics company Bosch and – brilliantly – is also the drummer in a heavy metal band, Citizen Zen (check them out below). Eve, meanwhile, is studying drama at university.

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Viv (@viv1gogglebox) and Eve (@GoggleboxEve) are both passionately against animal cruelty, while Viv also tweets about vintage clothes and jewellery and Eve comes up with gems like this, from her recent visit to Comic-Con...

What’s their Gogglebox style?

Ralf is a slightly dour German with a no-nonsense attitude. He likes to throw in the occasional dig at the English, while Viv sends them right back at the Germans. They love each other really. Sartorially speaking: heavy-metal 'chic'? Gothic grunge? When Ralf and Viv aren't sporting band t-shirts, he likes a deadpan slogan – "I was born ready" – while she favours a Harry Potter tee. And it's fair to say Eve has taken her mum's love of vintage and fantasy style and run with it...

And their best quotes...

Watching Heston Blumenthal serve up a dish featuring lamb’s testicles:

Ralf: “You’re perverts you English people. Testicles in pies…”

Watching a BBC news report on Ukraine:

Eve: "Is it going to be World War Three do you reckon?"

Viv: "No, Germany isn't involved."

Watching a Food Unwrapped item about a rabbit battery farm:

Eve: "Oh, I just wanna take them all home."

Ralf: "Forget about it, I don't want 15,000 f**king bunnies hopping around."

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