Meet Apprentice candidate Siobhan Smith: the wedding planner who flies aeroplanes, scuba dives and jumps off cliffs

The all-rounder owns a VIP wedding service - and conducts some of the ceremonies herself

Siobhan Smith

The Apprentice 2017 candidates: Siobhan Smith

Age: 34


Occupation: Owner of a wedding company

Lives: London

Twitter: @Siobhan1Smith

She says: “I fly aeroplanes, scuba dive, jump off cliffs, paraglide; I’m a blogger and a mother – as well as running my wedding planning business. A lot of people call me superwoman.”

Who is Siobhan Smith?

Siobhan is an all-rounder – she runs a wedding company for customers who want their special day to be curated the VIP way in London or Dubai. She is also a qualified “celebrant”, which means she can conduct humanist ceremonies herself.

She’s typically self-assured, and says that her biggest problem in life is not having 10 arms to do everything with, though we suspect she hasn’t thought the logistics of being a ten-armed person through all that much.

Incredibly, her role model is KFC founder Colonel Sanders. “at the age of 65, he had knocked on over 1,000 doors over a period of two years trying to sell his recipe before getting his first yes, he never gave up on his dream.”

What can we expect from Siobhan?

Hopefully she’ll convince Lord Sugar to get into the fried chicken business.


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