MasterChef’s Gregg Wallace takes up meditation to calm his fiery temper

The presenter tweets about the joys of meditation following his dust up in a Midlands hotel last month

Masterchef presenter Gregg Wallace may have found some peace at last – through the agency of meditation.


Following his alleged contretemps with a fellow diner at a luxury Worcestershire hotel last month it appears that the 48-year-old has found a way to soothe his fiery temper.

“Got back had a go at 5 minutes meditation relaxing technique,” he tweeted. “Resulted in 30 minutes sleeping. Should have known.”

It is certainly a happier outcome than the one earlier this month when Wallace allegedly had a dust-up with Paul Bates, publisher of Cotswold Style, at an event the culinary expert was hosting.

Wallace, 48, is reported to have punched Mr Bates several times because he believed he pinched his 27-year-old girlfriend Anne-Marie Sterpini’s bottom at the four-star hotel.

One friend told the Sun that Wallace remains “a bloke from south London” who realised that he needed to find “a way of keeping cool”.

So from now on the kind of thing coming out of Wallace’s mouth will perhaps be more Om, Shanti Shanti, Om rather, I dunno. Buttery Biscuit Base….