Mason Noise tweets message after missing X Factor final performance

The former X Factor contestant wasn't making any noise during tonight's ensemble song tweeting he stands for what he believes in

During tonight’s X Factor final the former contestants returned to sing together… except Mason Noise. 


Anton Stephans was there despite that on-stage spat with judge Nick Grimshaw, Monica Michael was there after that results show mix-up, Alien Uncovered were there after leaving the competition first and Bupsi was bopping along despite quipping to me last night that she “only had one line”

Ché Chesterman took the stage after leaving the competition in third place last night. Seann Miley Moore hit us with his iconic vocals once again, 4th Impact dazzled, Kiera Weathers looked stunning and Max Stone joined the fun as did Lauren Murray. 

So where was Mason Noise and why wasn’t he, well, making any noise?

Well it seems he’s making another point – after that previous stage walk off – his latest tweet reading “I stand for what I believe in”. 

Viewers were quick to spot he wasn’t there:

Some backed his decision

While others just made jokes about him throwing another strop following said moan about a lack of airtime

Update: a source close to the show told me after the final that he “just didn’t turn up”. That’ll go down well ahead of that X Factor tour he’s booked on, right..? 


The X Factor concludes tonight on ITV