Married at First Sight Australia’s golden couple Jules and Cam make final decision on relationship

Did Cam listen to his last-minute doubts?

Married at First Sight Australia Jules and Cameron

It’s decision time for the couples, as Married at First Sight Australia enters its final week.


While the series has been full of drama, jealousy and scraps, golden couple Jules and Cam have been smitten with each other since they met at the altar, proving that the show can actually create real love.

But their relationship was thrown into jeopardy at the last minute, as the pair prepared for their final vows.

**Warning – spoilers for Tuesday night’s episode from this point**

The last stage of the experiment required them to separate for a few days, in order to get advice from their family and friends. It was then up to each of them to decide whether the marriage was for keeps. Fans were desperate for Jules and Cam to get their happy ending, but Cam threw a spanner in the works by admitting he was unsure if the relationship would last.

“A small part of me worries I’ve been swept up in the emotions of the experiment, we still haven’t faced everyday living and the challenges of the outside world,” he said. “Getting opinions from loved ones is a huge factor in the decision. I want to stay with Jules, but I’m not 100% sure if it’s the right decision for both of us. I love Jules and I don’t want to let her down, but am I ready to give her the commitment she deserves?”

At which point we were screaming at the TV. Meanwhile, Jules confided in her friends that she wanted Cam to propose again, even though they’re already married (no, we didn’t quite get that bit either).

Despite seeming to have second thoughts, the good news is Cam followed his heart and got down on one knee, proposing to Jules. He told her, “Nothing can break us, with you I know we can get through every single challenge and come through with more love that we can ever imagine. You’re nothing short of perfect.” And of course she said yes.

No, you’re crying.

In the same episode, controversial couple Jess and Dan also affirmed their commitment to each other. The remaining couples will decide their fate tomorrow night.


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