Married at First Dight Australia reached the commitment ceremonies episode in season five and the audience seemed perplexed by some of the decisions of the newlyweds, who met weeks ago on their blind date weddings.


The E4 reality series has been a hit with its blend of mismatched couples and pairings with romantic potential. But on Thursday each of the newlyweds had to say whether they would "stay" or "leave" their relationship in sofa chats with the experts, in front of the other newlyweds.

The couple that the episode was all about were not actually a couple: Dean Wells and Davina Rankin had made it clear they were attracted to each other, so all they needed to do was leave their partners Tracey Jewel and Ryan Gallagher. But nothing's that simple.

Earlier, Ryan had shocked Married at First Sight Australia fans by deciding to stay with the woman who had trashed him to the other wives and made her sexual intentions towards Dean clear.

Poor Ryan, anyone watching felt. "Why can't he see she's trash," was the comment from this viewer. Harsh but fair considering her behaviour.

The shock came when Davina chose to stay with Ryan. Err... what?! No one was convinced for a moment that Davina was staying in her marriage for any other reason than it suited her strategy.

Many Married at First Sight Australia viewers believed she wanted to stay so she could start an affair with Dean.

When Tracey and Dean were called to the couch to discuss their commitment, there seemed to be genuine warmth between them as they complimented each other and seemed at ease. Maybe Dean's roving eye was just that and he was ready to make a success of their marriage. How wrong can you be? After Tracey decided to stay she was "blindsided" by Dean's decision to leave.

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Tracey went on the attack and the online audience were right behind her. She revealed that they'd been intimate with each other just that morning and she was devastated that she got it so wrong.

You could almost hear the cheers when she told him that it made him look like an a***hole" and viewers were quick to support her.

The way that Dean had misled Tracey upset many.

Some on social media were actually worried for Tracey due to the show's rule that if the wife decides to stay and the husband wants to leave, they have to stay together for another week to try and make things work.

Elsewhere on the commitment ceremonies episode, Ashley and Troy sat down with the experts who had matched them. Troy's antics had been strange, from his excessive teeth-brushing routine to his press-ups in the middle of dates.

Man-child Troy was trying to justify his behaviour. He was only pumping up to look his best for her, he explained. To most people that would be the final red flag.

While Ashley was explaining her reservations, Troy attempted to interject to justify himself. But the experts weren't having it.

Viewers were shocked by Ashley's decision to stay. What exactly did she see in him? Or were there other reasons for at least one more week on the show?

Blair and Sean seem like a nice couple, but he had been ultra reserved in the marriage until now – when he finally revealed that a past relationship had gone badly and had led him to close down emotionally. In the commitment ceremony he dissolved into tears as he tried to speak about it.

Not everyone was sympathetic to Sean, after his revelation in an earlier episode that he had more than 200 lovers.

But they both voted to stay, giving them an opportunity to try and have the relationship he'd been struggling to be part of until this moment.

A recurring theme with Married at First Sight Australia fans on social media was how badly wrong the experts got some of the couples.

Of course, it wouldn't be the show it is without the drama, the deceit and the devious behaviour.

Married at First Sight Australia returns to E4 on Monday as the couples deal with the revelations at the commitment ceremonies. The trailer suggested that things are about to get even more hysterical. Read our update on where the season five couples are now if you can't wait to find out which newlyweds stayed together at the end of the show.


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