Married at First Sight Australia viewers attack Dean after he criticises Tracey’s looks

Just when you thought he couldn't sink any lower, E4's love rat finds the basement floor.

Married At First Sight

Tuesday’s Married at First Sight Australia featured the couples from season five gathering for a dinner party ahead of the second commitment ceremony: another chance for Dean Wells and Davina Rankin to deceive his new wife, Tracey Jewell, and her husband, Ryan Gallagher.


The pair have taken obvious flirtation to new levels on the hit E4 docu-soap, but Dean played a shocker when the 39-year-old said of wife Tracey that her “looks are not her best quality”. Whatever you do in reality TV, you do not bag the innocent party.

Dean’s looks were immediately put under the spotlight, with descriptions ranging from “sentient meatball” to “horrible git” among the more printable examples.

Many viewers felt nauseous when Dean decided that it would be appropriate to massage the shoulders of his crush in front of Tracey and Ryan.

Davina’s rather obvious game plan was ripped apart by most viewers. The “fake friend” is a staple of reality TV and Davina has clearly been reading the rule book.

“Dripping poison in her ear” is a description worthy of the Borgias, but Davina was so obvious in her strategy that instead she was labelled “a sleazy b*tch” by this fan on Twitter.

Earlier, Tracey earned the sympathy of almost everyone when she she showed just how naive she was, believing that everything was rosy back at the homestead with Dean after he almost rejected her during last week’s commitment ceremony.

Married at First Sight Australia fans were perplexed that Ryan and Tracey could not see what was unfolding in front of their eyes?

One fan celebrated the fact that Married at First Sight Australia was trending on Twitter. The show is great but, really would it be quite so good if you couldn’t immediately get the thoughts of fellow fans?

We think the answer is a resounding “Yes!”


The action in the next episode moves onto the commitment ceremonies on Wednesday and the teaser promised it would be the night that Dean and Davina’s deceit was revealed to their partners. Quite simply the pay-off of all reality TV pay-offs, we hope.