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Married at First Sight Australia fans have a message for Davina: "Get over yourself!"

The personal trainer needed to exercise a little more humility, most viewers seemed to think

Married At First Sight Australia's Ryan and Davina
Published: Wednesday, 12th August 2020 at 9:14 pm

Married at First Sight Australia was a game of two halves on Wednesday night: in the "good" blue corner you had Charlene and Patrick, but definitely in the "bad" red corner were Davina and Ryan.


*This article contains spoilers for Married at First Sight Australia season five*

Personal trainer Davina Rankin, 28, and tradesman Ryan Gallagher, 31, had a problematic beginning. Davina's friends didn't take to Ryan, like that really mattered, but he didn't help things when he tried to kiss his standoffish new bride.

Davina complained: "You had to go with a soft one. My dad is right there!"

Off camera she said: "Ryan is probably going to annoy me... I have a low tolerance."

Viewers were quick to criticise Davina's elevated perception of herself. "The irony is that Davina is REALLY nothing special," wrote one.

Another commented on the awkward wedding ceremony. Davina was definitely "not giving out good vibes!"

This Married at First Sight Australia fan thought Ryan didn't have a chance with her. "Davina's mates don't like him. Davina is going the other way too."

A number of viewers reacted to Davina's comment that she hadn't had enough Champagne to deal with the situation.

Davina wanted a down to earth guy, a tradesman type who wasn't "always taking selfies", yet when her request was satisfied with Ryan she seemed to want something else altogether.

Find out what happened with Davina and Ryan after the cameras stopped rolling with the very latest from the Married at First Sight Australia newlyweds.

Meanwhile, brand manager Charlene Perera, 35, and operations manager Patrick Miller, 36, seemed like a couple with real potential despite not looking like an obvious dream match. Bubbly Charlene in particular was a hit.

However, there was a substantial impediment in the form of Patrick's overbearing mother, Ruby.

In a heart to heart at the wedding reception, Ruby told Patrick that Charlene was not right for him. Then she said: "The main thing is, you respect Mum, whether you agree or not".

Say what? Viewers were hopeful that Patrick would "put Ruby back in her box".

This Married at First Sight Australia fan echoed many others on social media. "Patrick's mother looks like the type of mother who will never like ANY woman"

Another viewer was "trying to work out if Davina or Patrick's Mum is the most awful person in this episode".

Which side were you on?

As much as Charlene and Patrick looked like a couple with real love potential, nothing is guaranteed in the Married at First Sight world. Find out what happened to Charlene and Patrick after the episode ended.


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