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Charlene and Patrick's Married at First Sight Australia love story - and where they are now

**Contains spoilers on Married at First Sight Australia season 5**

Married at First Sight Australia's Charlene and Patrick
Published: Wednesday, 12th August 2020 at 3:45 pm

Love is in the air on E4, with the return of Married at First Sight Australia.


Season five is currently airing on the network and has introduced us to 11 new couples. One of those couples is brand manager Charlene Perera, 35, and operations manager Patrick Miller, 36.

The couple went all the way on the show and decided to stay together, but did their love story continue off air?

Here's everything you need to know.

What happened to Charlene and Patrick?

It seemed like the experts had struck gold with Charlene and Patrick.

Unlike many of their co-stars they went all the way and decided to stay with one another at the final decision.

However, things took a turn for the worst as Patrick reportedly ghosting Charlene one filming wrapped.

It came as a shock to fans as they looked like a perfect match, however, there were some occasions where things didn't go so well.

MAFS fans will remember Charlene would often tell her laid-back husband to "be a man" during their TV marriage, and she was also troubled by his overbearing mother, who apparently did not approve of their relationship.

Where are they now?

The couple haven't got back together since Patrick went AWOL, however, they seem to be amicable.

Following the show, Charlene opened up about the real reason behind their split saying, "We were at very different stages."

The pair also sparked rumours they could be back together, after they met up and were pictured together months after the show.

However, Patrick soon clarified that the pair are just friends.

"I haven't caught up with Charlene for a bit but it's just like seeing an old mate, it felt normal," he responded to a fan.

Where is Patrick now?

It's not known whether Patrick is seeing anyone, but he's certainly taken a new career path since appearing on the show.

Last year, he made headlines for appearing in an X-rated music video for Australian singers, Xposed Xotics.

"What an amazing project this has been working with Xposed Xotics," he wrote on Instagram, before joking about his acting career.

"I'm no longer a reality TV cast member, I'm now a wannabe actor now. That's gotta be an upgrade haha," he said.


Where is Charlene now?

Charlene was rumoured to be dating MAFS co-star Mathew Lockett, after the two were pic

Mat shared a photo of himself kissing Charlene on the cheek, as he took swipes at Patrick.

“I must admit after finding out about the love affair between you and my ex-wife I spent many sleepless nights wondering how I would ever get you back,” he wrote.

“But then it came to me, why don’t I run off with your wife?”

Neither confirmed these rumours, and Charlene actually started dating a new man - fellow Melbournian, Marcus Tanti.

The pair broke up in 2019, however, Char vowed to get back on Bumble soon after!


Married at First Sight Australia season 5 airs weeknights on E4 at 7:30pm. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.


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