Married at First Sight Australia delivers “absolute peak” drama as Tracey and Sean hook up

The E4 reality show provided constant shocks at the final dinner party.


The couples (and former couples) from Married at First Sight Australia season five reunited six weeks after they last saw each other for a dramatic dinner party in which Tracey Jewel revealed she had found a new love – with Blair Rachael’s ex-husband, Sean Thomsen!


The completely unexpected twist floored most watching the E4 blind dating reality TV show.

One fan described it as “is some of the best reality TV I’ve ever seen lmao, absolute PEAK. I LOVE IT.”

When last seen Tracey had dumped love rat husband Dean Wells at the final commitment ceremony, leaving him dumbstruck after he’d just declared his undying love to her.

So when Sean and Tracey walked into the party together, kissing for the cameras and the other couples, jaws collectively dropped.

Some wags commented on the insanity of the events as the couples seemed to be playing musical chairs.

But what about Blair? Spare a thought for Sean’s ex, who had to sit there and watch everything play out.

Meanwhile, Sean was taking issue with Dean “harassing” his new girlfriend, sending her “inappropriate” text messages after their split.

Dean chose to leave the escalating argument. Sean described it as walking away “like a girl”, while Tracey soon revealed his accusation wasn’t true.

Fans were not thrilled about Sean’s immature behaviour and sympathy was firmly in Dean’s corner.

The accusations from “Sean the yawn” were an “insecure move”.

Married at First Sight Australia fans were struggling to keep on top of the constant bombs exploding.


Meanwhile, Ashley Irvin took exception to ex-husband Troy Delmege walking in with new girlfriend Carly Bowyer, who had originally been married to Justin Fischer.

“Where was my text of respect?” Ash demanded as Carly tried to make peace with her.

Ashley was being “odd” and “silly” by getting so upset after clearly wanting out of her relationship with Troy.

Ashley’s version of events was not well received. She stayed with Troy for eight weeks, mainly eye-rolling and squirming when he tried to get close to her, hardly “giving it her all”.

One thing remained constant throughout the episode, as the floor seemed to keep moving and positions kept changing: Davina’s capacity for stirring was as powerful as ever.

She seemed oblivious to how her pleasure at other’s misfortunes might appear to the TV audience.

Married at First Sight Australia season five continues on E4 on Tuesday night with an explosive-looking episode in which videos of Dean and Davina’s deceit will be shown to the group.


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