The final commitment ceremonies threw a major surprise when the first two couples met to renew their vows as Married at First Sight Australia season five drew to a close. Tracey Jewel left Dean Wells and left him broken at the chuppah.


Dean has been the villain of season five, but has worked hard to prove himself to his wife, Tracey, after his dalliance with another man's bride, Davina Rankin, early in the series. In the last episode, Tracey revealed she had stayed despite his cheating because she wanted to give him a chance, but also partly out of spite.

Tracey referenced this in her vows: "Standing before you is a woman who has understood you and your BS. Stuck with you through all your mistakes. I feel like you have met your match in me.

"This experiment has reminded me that when I love a person I must not forget to take care of myself or trust too easily. This experiment has shaken me awake and helped me see what I'm worth. And unfortunately, Dean, you don't deserve me.

"I'm so sorry, Dean, but I have too many doubts to trust you. Or to believe you've truly changed."

Dean looked crushed, a shell of the man who had such confidence and bravado a few weeks ago.

Married at First Sight Australia viewers were not feeling remotely sympathetic. In fact, many applauded Tracey's "long revenge game".

Fans loved her decision. "It took you long enough but you picked the best moment to do it!"

One fan was going to go to bed happy. "Dean has finally had the taste of hurt and rejection."

The scene of Dean wandering off into a field dumbstruck was the icing on the wedding cake for many fans.

Before Tracey's killer blow, Dean's "fake tears" had been as bad as his crush, Davina, according to many.

His fake crying was just "embarrassing".

Dean drew gasps from the audience when he commented on Tracey's beauty in his vows. Earlier in the series he had said: "Her looks aren't her best feature."

Find out what happened to Dean and Tracey after the cameras stopped rolling.

Earlier in Married at First Sight Australia, Charlene Perrera surprised Patrick Miller – and viewers – when she decided to continue in their marriage after the "experiment" had finished. Many were not happy about her decision.

"If Charlene is happy she should tell her face," tweeted one viewer.

Then, of course, the couple would have to inform Patrick's formidable mother Ruby about their renewal. She will not be happy.

Not everyone was down on the couple and there were many well-wishers on social media.

Find out if Married at First Sight Australia couple Charlene and Patrick are still together.

The final commitment ceremonies screen on Friday night on E4's Married at First Sight Australia.


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