Made in Chelsea newcomer Mimi Bouchard: “I’m not doing anything until Fred is single”

The new Canadian cast member is a self-proclaimed “flirty human” and tells that she’s perfectly willing to wait on the sidelines for her beau


Lock up your sons, boyfriends and husbands SW6 because Mimi Bouchard is on the scene and NOTHING (probably) will stop her in her quest to find a man.


The Canadian blogger created quite the first impression on Made in Chelsea tonight, making her feelings about Fredrik Ferrier exceedingly clear and revealing that the pair of them had been flirting even though he has a girlfriend – Olivia Bentley. Not that a relationship status has ever made much of a difference on MIC.

On discovering this, Liv was very unimpressed and decided to confront Mimi at Sam’s birthday party. Mimi then brazenly admitted that she and Fred had met before filming began (but after he started seeing Liv) and that he had texted his and Mimi’s mutual friend saying: “Who’s your friend? She’s cute. Where has she been hiding?” 

It was very awkward.

Despite “gravitating towards” Fred because she thinks he looks like an “Icelandic prince”, Mimi told that she’s staying right out of it until he’s available. “I’m not doing anything until he’s single,” she insisted. “I think if he’s in a relationship I’ll just kind of like wait on the sidelines and be his friend or whatever, in case anything happens between him and her.”

With regards to Olivia, she added: “I think that if she trusts her boyfriend she shouldn’t worry about me. I’m not going to pursue him in any way, I’m just a flirty person and we seem to have chemistry.

“I don’t think I did anything wrong, per se.”

“There’s this weird Icelandic prince vibe thing going on”

Has she gone for guys in relationships before?

“No, no I haven’t.” 

So it’s not a thing? 

“It’s not a thing, no.”

On whether she’s confident she’ll get with Fred, she said we’ll “have to wait and see”, but just because she fancies him it doesn’t mean everyone else is off the hook. Far from it. 

“I always say that the casting director does such an amazing job, because the guys on the show are all super fit. But I’m not giving any names.”


Made in Chelsea continues next Monday at 9pm on E4