Love Island’s Montana on being dumped from the island, Stormzy and what she really thinks about Gabby

Fresh from leaving the villa, Montana and Alex spoke to about missing out on the final and their hopes for the future


Love Island’s Montana has reassured us that she is “still really good friends” with Gabby, despite the fact she still doesn’t know precisely what was written in that text message.


Shortly after being eliminated from the show, Montana and Alex spoke to and other press about the rift with Marcel and Gabby. After a challenge revealed that Gabby had been speaking to Marcel about the couple via text, it caused something of a ruckus between the friends.

“It’s all resolved now,” Montana said. “You tend to over-think things in the villa when it’s just all of the islanders and there’s nobody else. You’re isolated from the outside world so when knocks like that happen you do over-think things and they’re bigger than they actually are. Gabby and I are fine – we’re still really good friends and I’m wishing her the best of luck.”


That said, she admitted that she still has no idea about what Gabby and Marcel were saying about her over text.

“Because we haven’t actually been on the outside yet and we haven’t watched the episode back we don’t actually know,” Montana explained. “But from speaking to Gabby I don’t think it’s anything too major.

“You have to take everything in there with a pinch of salt because in that environment people say things that they don’t mean and throwaway comments in the moment.”

Meanwhile, she also was quick to quash any negativity towards Camilla. Despite the pair seeming close throughout the show, over the past week viewers had seen Montana moaning about Camilla’s insecurities.

“I’ll tell you what it is, I think for the past week I’ve felt a bit stressed,” admitted Montana. “Because you kind of get a bit of cabin fever from being in the same place for so long and I just found it hard to support her as a close friend. I was getting emotional as well at that point so I was unable to support her in the way that I was before, and so that’s something I really struggled with. But it doesn’t make me think any less of her – I still really love her as a friend.”

Montana added that she felt as though comments made in the villa can’t be taken “too personally – everyone gets on top of each other.”

That’s both literally and metaphorically, because despite saying that “you don’t go on TV hoping to have sex” (Montana’s words, not ours), we certainly saw Mon and Alex going at it. A lot.


“Naturally when you grow so close to people so quickly it happens, so I don’t regret it,” she told us. “I feel bad for my brothers who have to watch it!”

Adding that she had “zero regrets” about her time in the villa, she said: “I was true to myself – I think it’s very hard to be that when you’re in the villa and I made such amazing friends and had a great experience.”

Of Kem and Chris’s blossoming rap career, Montana says that she wants the pair to feature on a Stormzy song and that she would love to see Kem and Amber now win.

“I’ve seen their relationship – their ups and their downs – and I would say I’ve definitely been closer to Amber throughout my experience,” Montana said. “And she’s grown as a person and so has Kem and they’ve been going from strength to strength for the past couple of weeks. I genuinely just believe that they deserve to win.”

Alex added that he wasn’t gutted about not making the final and that the remaining four couples all deserved to still be in the villa, with Montana saying that the pair had “got what we wanted” from the show.

Although that magic L word is still remaining rather illusive from Montana – and hilariously the pair still haven’t even swapped numbers yet. “Mon just takes a little bit more time to feel that way I guess,” said Alex. “But I still love her and it doesn’t upset me at all.”


Montana, meanwhile, assured us: “I’m a very slow burner and I’ve only really been in love once in my life and I’ve had a few boyfriends. So it will come but it’s a slow situation for me. It always has been.”

But will wedding bells be on the cards at some point?


“Marriage and kids is not something I think about right now but I definitely see that we have a future together,” said Alex. “I love spending time with Mon and we are wicked together. We have a right old laugh so I can see us working together on the outside 100%. But marriage and kids? Don’t put the pressure on me like that!”