Love Island’s Camilla was finally asked about those Prince Harry rumours

Her response was typically classy


On last night’s Love Island, in a game of Truth or Dare which saw Kem cannonballing fully-clothed into the pool and lots of snogging, Sam finally asked Camilla if the rumours that she dated Prince Harry back in 2014 were true.


While one Love Islander has shamelessly sought to raise his profile in the house by shouting about his Blazing Squad ties from the rooftops (ahem, Marcel), the Scottish fan-favourite has taken a decidedly classy stance with regards to her rumoured fling. And, when she faced the question in front of her housemates, she replied “a lady never tells” – although despite her best efforts, her facial expressions spoke volumes. Watch the entire game of Truth or Dare, including the Prince Harry bit, below.

Viewers were delighted, and applauded her coyness on social media.

But others were suspicious as to how Sam knew to ask about the rumours, as they met for the first time in the villa, and the rumours only started doing the rounds after the show began.


Is it possible that the producers fed the Love Islander some information to spice things up?