When Camilla and Jamie recreated that infamous lift from Dirty Dancing on Love Island, we thought that was the epitome of romance.

And then this happened.

Putting Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling thoroughly to shame, Camilla and Jamie shared dinner and a glass of wine on their final date. A string trio played, the Majorcan countryside providing a glorious backdrop, it proved to be every bit as special as that infamous scene from La La Land.

The pair had a moonlit dance to the tune of Toto's Africa (Camilla's favourite song) and it was almost enough to make us want to apply to go on the show next year. Almost.

Camilla admitted that right now was the happiest she had been in a very long time and as ever, Jamie was the perfect gent as he - quite literally - continued to sweep Camilla off her feet.

A Calvin Klein model and an amazing dancer? Sorry Gosling, we think Jamie's just stollen your crown. And our hearts.

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Love Island airs 9pm on ITV2