It's early days on Love Island USA season two, but look at all the jockeying for position – it's like the start of the Grand National as the guys and girls try to avoid falling at the first fence and being the first person dumped.

No one wants that dishonour.

Personal trainer Tre Forte was the man with the whip is his hand as he tried to decide between Justine Ndiba and Kaitlynn Anderson.

The ITV2 reality show was moving towards the first recoupling in the next episode and "someone is gonna get dumped" said the voiceover narrator with more than a hint of glee in his voice.

The future was looking uncertain for Justine and Kaitlynn. The former had lost that loving feeling with Caleb and the latter was footloose and anxiously free. Was Tre going to ride to the rescue?

There was a moody reaction towards Moira on Twitter when she tried to save her "gurl Kaitlynn" from being dumped, by talking her up to Tre.

Justine is a popular girl with Love Island USA viewers, but she needs a man.

Fans earlier had high hopes for "Jaleb", AKA Caleb and Justine, but the fantasy didn't last the night.

"2020 is BRUTAL. I HATE IT HERE!" tweeted one in response to their failure.

Caleb was being reprimanded for casting glances elsewhere. "Caleb has great taste in women but SIR JUSTINE IS YOUR GIRL !!!!"

It seemed his shyness was just a facade...

The ball is in Tre's court with Justine, but is he going to stand there dribbling or slam-dunk the situation?

Meanwhile, the undeniable Love Island USA hottie Jeremiah White was dividing viewers. To some he "is extremely pleasing to the ear".

To others he is "hella fine"... as long as he doesn't speak!

Is Love Island USA filling the hole in your life left by the cancellation of our own Love Island in 2020? It returns to ITV2 on Thursday night at 9pm.

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