It sounds like Tommy Fury’s boxer big brother Tyson is likely to have ring-side seats for this year’s Love Island...


It was former heavyweight champion Tyson who leaked the news that Tommy was set to appear on the fifth series of the ITV2 reality show before the line-up was officially announced – something Tommy laughed about when quizzed by journalists out in Majorca.

“Oh he was in hysterics!” he said. “He couldn’t keep a lid on it! He’s backing me all the way.

“Obviously he’s never been in a situation like [Love Island] before, but I feel like having watched the show for the past couple of years there’s no more advice than you can get other than be yourself.

“Everyone’s going to have their opinion on me, but as long as I’m happy and my family’s happy then that’s all that matters to me. Everyone’s going to talk so I’m just going to be me.”

Tommy Fury, Instagram (Instagram)

Although Tommy himself is also a boxer, the 20-year-old is keen to make a name for himself outside of his brother’s shadow.

“Ever since I was a child and I said I wanted to be a professional everyone said that I was just trying cling onto my brother and get a little bit famous,” he explained. “I want to show people that that’s not the case at all.

“It’s very important for me to show that I’m not following anybody and I’m not doing it off the back of anybody. Tyson is training by himself and I’m proud of what he’s doing, and he’s proud of what I’m doing.

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“I won’t be bragging about who I am. I’ve never boasted about who I am or what my last name is.”

And Tommy suggests he's far removed from the typical image of a boxer, coyly explaining that he’s really a big softie.

“[People] judge how I look and my physique and what I do for a living, I think people think I’m a cocky, arrogant guy who’s too good for anyone, and that’s not the case at all,” he said.

“I cry at films. I like hugging. I like holding hands. I am not a fighter!”


Love Island launches Monday 3rd June on ITV2