Here’s how Love Island manages contestants’ conversations according to one former star

Producers make sure nothing important is missed says Tyla Carr

Caroline Flack, Love Island (ITV, EH)

A large part of what makes Love Island such compulsive viewing is the way storylines unfold in a slickly edited and easy to follow manner – so it’s no surprise to hear that the show’s producers are involved in exactly how and when certain scenes are shot.


Nevertheless, it’s interesting to discover the details of how they work to create a daily hour of watchable TV while retaining a (relatively) natural feel to conversations.

Enter 2017 contestant Tyla Carr, who has revealed a little bit about how it’s all managed.

“You have to tell the producers on site if you are planning to have an important chat or do something, so they make sure the microphones pick it up and the cameras get it,” said Tyla.

“If you forget, they would call you in and ask you to film it again.”

She added that producers regularly check in with contestants every hour to make announcements or to ask one of the Islanders to come and have a chat with them to “tell you what they want you to talk about, and who with.”

But while they may “suggest it would be a good idea if you brought something up or discussed something,” Tyla told the Daily Star, they don’t make contestants say or do anything they don’t want to or that hasn’t already taken place.

“Basically, if you’ve had three separate conversations with someone they may ask you to have the conversation again all in one go to make it better viewing.”

And 3 million people a night think they’re doing a pretty good job of it.


Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm each night