Love Island fans want Camilla to be careful around new boy Craig amid fears he’s playing a game

Everyone's feeling rather protective of Cam around newbie Craig


Camilla’s had a tough enough time in the Love Island villa already, but now everyone’s worrying that she’s going to get hurt by new boy Craig!


Fresh from her heartache over Jonny dumping her for Tyla – who he later admitted he regretted kissing so early on – Cam found herself the centre of Craig’s attention from the moment he entered the villa.

Cue everyone panicking about Craig playing a game while having NO clue about what he meant, despite him asking “do you know what I mean?” on a near-constant basis.

When Camilla first entered the Love Island villa, she was something of an enigma and we weren’t sure how both viewers and her fellow islanders were going to react to her.

Now it’d be safe to say that she’s become something of a national treasure. So Craig, treat her well… otherwise you’ll have the whole of the UK to answer to.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.