The dumped contestants WILL appear in tonight’s Love Island

Alex Miller, Darylle Sargeant, Ellie Jones and Adam Collard will be back on screens after the drama of Thursday night

Love Island 2018 cast

Thursday night’s Love Island saw the dramatic dumping of four contestants after a public vote to save viewers’ favourite couples landed Alex and Megan, Adam and Darylle and Sam and Ellie in the bottom three.


The villa’s two singletons, Wes and Georgia, were each asked to couple up with one of the under-threat Islanders, with Wes choosing Megan and Georgia going for Sam, meaning newcomers Alex Miller, Darylle Sargeant and Ellie Jones, as well as the long-serving Adam Collard, would be heading home.

But after the four departing contestants had been decided, there was none of the usual time for fond farewells/heated recriminations, the traditional donning of extremely high heels (by the girls) to wheel their suitcases out of the villa, or exit interviews – the episode just came to a rather abrupt end.

We need closure!

And thankfully we’re going to get it, as can reveal that you will see all of the above at the start of Friday night’s episode, as well Beach Hut ruminations from those left behind.

We’re also wondering whether there might just be a little bit more to it than that – after all, it is pretty unusual for a dumping episode to end in that way and we’re hoping speculating (wildly) that something might have kicked off as the Islanders headed out the door which was deemed worthy of inclusion in an entirely new episode.

Having said that, in the post-match interviews we’ve seen with the four exiteers there don’t seem to be too many hard feelings or regrets so perhaps the producers simply ran out of time on Thursday night.

Either way, it does look as if there will be some sort of aggro on tonight’s show as a preview clip at the end of the last episode showed us Old Ellie clashing with Georgia, and Megan taking on Laura – so it might be worth picking up some popcorn on your way home tonight.


Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2

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