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Will there be a Love Island Christmas Reunion this year?

Could our Islanders be getting back together in time for Christmas?

Love Island final girls
Published: Tuesday, 19th November 2019 at 12:34 pm

The fifth series of Love Island was very much our summertime obsession this year, with the show seeing its ratings sky-rocket as we watched Amber and Greg pocket the prize money.


While the romances may not have lasted, our love for the show certainly remains, with there now being an extra series of Love Island for 2020.

But real fans of Love Island will remember that series four also saw a bonus episode at Christmas, seeing our favourite Islanders head to a stately home for a slap-up roast as they swapped presents, gossip and insults with one another as, predictably, not all the summer loving had lasted.

Who can forget when Charlie and Ellie rowed about how they had split, or when Sam and Georgia had an argument about her alleged cheating – while Jack Fincham watched on, mouth agape?

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, as Kendall (remember her?) shared a kiss with Eyal – before their mild flirtation quickly fizzled out.

So, will we see a Love Island Christmas Reunion for series five?

Judging by the schedules…no, our Islanders won’t be getting together for a Christmas party – and it’s probably just as well, seeing Greg and Amber split a few weeks after (by text if you believe the rumours) and Ovie and India are no more.

Tommy and Molly-Mae are heading to the Maldives for Christmas (where he’s reportedly considering proposing), ruling them out, while Maura is training for Dancing on Ice and Curtis is in panto (in High Wycombe – check it out) – which would leave the guest list looking pretty sparse.

And as much as we love Love Island, we weren’t so mad for The Christmas Reunion, which lacked the same intrigue and humour of the main show. Yes, seeing arguments may be thrilling when recouplings are at stake, but the Christmassy feeling of good will to all men is distinctly lacking when people are at each other’s throats for the sake of it.

We also have Winter Love Island launching early in January, so producers may be more cautious about potentially fatiguing the show just before their brand new launch.

Sorry guys, Love Island: The Christmas Reunion may have just been the one-off we may never see again.


Winter Love Island launches in 2020


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