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Where is Love Island: Australia filmed? Explore the luxurious villa used in season 2

The location of your new obsession...

love island australia villa
Published: Monday, 1st March 2021 at 2:10 pm

A new season of Love Island: Australia kicks off on ITV2 on March 1st, meaning we'll get to see a group of hot singletons loving it up in a luxurious villa.


When you picture lots of sizzling flirtation in the sun, Australia seems like the perfect location, right?

Well then you might be surprised to hear that the show isn't actually filmed in Australia.

Instead, the producers had to look elsewhere as the series is filmed during the Australian winter, which wouldn't be great for hot romance with the chilly temperatures on Bondi Beach.

So, where does the show actually take place?

Here's everything you need to know about the filming location for Love Island: Australia series one and two.

Where is the Love Island: Australia villa?

For series one of the Australian version, the cast made themselves at home in a villa on the Spanish island of Mallorca, in the Mediterranean.

The islanders weren't far away from where the British series was filming (same island, different villa), which seems to us like a missed opportunity for a crossover episode!

The villa is a huge, stunning property with amazing ocean views overlooking the Bay of Pollensa. If you're feeling flush you can even go on holiday there and enjoy the villa's six bedrooms, hot tub, swimming pool, cinema room and private gym. And did we mention there's a wine cellar downstairs too?

Despite the impressive digs, series two of Love Island Australia did not return to Mallorca.

Instead production moved to an equally swanky villa on the island of Fiji - not exactly slumming it!

The producers explained this was because Fiji is much closer to Australia, allowing for more twists and turns in the series - e.g. new islanders who could turn up at the villa at short notice.

Eoghan McDermott, who provides the show's voiceover, also explained that while Brits might think Fiji is much more exotic than Spain, the Aussie crew and islanders felt the opposite - they were much more excited about Mallorca as it's a long-distance destination for them!

Love Island: Australia season two location

Season Two was filmed in Fiji, which is closer to Australia.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Majella Wiemers, ITV Studios’ head of entertainment, said it was “easier” to film in a location closer to Australia.

“We still have a crew of casting agents back in Sydney who are selecting contestants while the show’s on air to come into later episodes," she explained.

"We can be more reactive and send someone in within 48 hours if we think they’d be good for the villa.”

The new villa is located right next to the beach with a beautiful ocean view. A swimming pool was also custom built especially for the show.

Love Island: Australia season one location

The outside

Outside the villa, it might look a little bit, well, bland, but it's merely hiding the amazing decor within. On the other side of that fortress is paradise. A luxurious pool takes up a large portion of the terrace, which is covered in sun beds, potted plans and neon accessories. As is the norm on Love Island, there's an outdoor kitchen, dining area and lots of hidden nooks for more intimate moments with the contestants. There's plenty of space for chilling out as bean bags and a comfy white sofa make for a gossip corner.

And on the left of the luxury garden, our old faithful friend, the fire pit is there, and will no doubt be the home of all the dumpings and declarations of love over the next couple of weeks. In contrast to the Love Island UK villa, which is also in Majorca, the decor is a little more natural, with plenty of wooden furniture to contrast with the pops of colour. The fire pit seats are wood and white, whereas in the UK series, they're just white.

The inside

When you make your way inside, the bedroom really does take up a phenomenal amount of space - but with 10 contestants, it would have to. The decor is a little less subtle here than in the outside, as white and neon lead the way. Bold prints of holiday scenes reassure us we're on holiday while there's still enough pillows and blankets for snuggles with their new loves.

Love Island contestants are almost always glam so a dressing room is essential. The girls and boys have their own and they're often the places all the gossip takes place. There's plenty of mirrors, wardrobes and seating areas to ensure they all get comfortable enough to spill the beans...

The terrace

If the Love Island contestants do love to spy on each other so the bosses gave not one but two terrace balconies which don't only serve as nice seating areas, but also give a bird's eye view of the garden. As we mentioned above, the islanders like to get to know each other in the garden - and it seems there'll always be eyes on them.

The hideaway

If two contestants are getting on particularly well - and are being well behaved - they could earn themselves a night in the hideaway... The plush bedroom is tucked away from prying eyes from their communal room so any amount of antics could take place. Dark lights and soft blankets with animal themes suggest there could be some wild behaviour in between the sheets.


Love Island: Australia airs nightly on ITV2 at 9pm. To find out what else is on, check out our TV Guide. Visit our hub for more Entertainment news.


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