*Warning – Contains spoilers for Love Island 2024.*


There was yet another recoupling on Love Island this week, and this time, the newbies got to choose which partner they'd like to couple with - due to Tiffany, Grace and Wil being the latest bombshells in the villa, they were able to pick first.

This ultimately led to one islander being dumped from the villa after she was left single as a result of the recoupling. There were tears, arguments and a lone Joey Essex with his head in his hands at the fire pit.

With the results of the latest recoupling revealed and love triangles threatening to ruin the new couples, it can be hard to keep track, but we've got you covered.

Read on for all the current Love Island season 11 pairings so far.

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Tiffany and Ronnie

Tiffany and Ronnie smiling as they sit down next to each other around the fire pit.
Tiffany and Ronnie. ITV/Love Island

As the latest bombshell in the villa, Tiffany was given first pick at the recoupling, in which she chose to couple up with Ronnie, whom she had been forming a connection with.

Jess and Omar

Jess and Omar sat next to each other, with disappointed expressions. Jess is wearing a strapless red dress while Omar has an open buttoned white shirt on.
Jess and Omar. ITV/Love Island

It was between Jess and Samantha after the rest of the boys had chosen who they wanted to couple up with, and ultimately Omar picked Jess.

Harriett and Sean

Harriett and Sean sat next to each other, with Harriett holding Sean's arm as he looks straight ahead.
Harriett and Sean. ITV/Love Island

Sean made the decision to couple up with Harriett, despite being in a couple with Jess.

Uma and Wil

Uma and Wil smiling as they sit next to each other.
Uma and Wil. ITV/Love Island

As a new bombshell, Wil was able to pick first, and thus stole Uma from her current couple with Omar.

Grace and Joey

Grace and Joey sat next to each other around the fire pit, not smiling with mute expressions.
Grace Jackson and Joey Essex on Love Island. ITV/Love Island

After Joey rekindled his connection with former flame Grace, she made the decision to couple up with him, which soon saw Samantha dumped from the island.

Nicole and Ciaran

Nicole and Ciaran on Love Island. They are sitting down and smiling.
Nicole and Ciaran on Love Island. ITV

Nicole has already been involved in quite a lot of drama this season. She was initially in a couple with Sean, but soon began to strike up a connection with Ciaran – which left his partner Harriett a little upset.

At the first recoupling, Ciaran did indeed choose to couple up with Nicole – will they last long?

Mimii and Ayo

Ayo and Mimii sharing a kiss on Love Island.
Ayo and Mimii. ITV/Love Island

Mimii decided to steal Ayo from Uma, and while feathers were ruffled, Ayo seemed pleased with her decision as they shared a kiss on the terrace.

We will be regularly updating this page with the latest Love Island couples.

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