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Week Eight

Week Seven

Loyal G and Sam were put to the test - would they split up and stay on the Island? Or would they walk as a couple? Meanwhile, Alex and Alexandra's relationship hit a rocky patch while Jack ditched Laura (again) when two new ladies arrived in the Villa.

Week Six

Two more Islanders said goodbye to the Villa, setting off a chain of events that saw another person pack their bags. A new girl's arrival offered Dr Alex the chance to shine, but a new boy threw the cat among the pigeons for Jack and Laura...

And THAT KISS had the nation screaming "SHOW THE TAPE!"

Week Five

The week starts with a bang as the girls are shown footage of what the boys are up to in Casa Amor - and Loyal G is fuming over Josh getting on with Kazimir. The Islanders must then decide to stick with their current partners or swap with a new arrival during the shock recoupling, leaving Wes and Georgia single. But Wes isn't single for long, as the next recoupling sends his competition (and three other Islanders) packing their bags. And the villa is at war after Georgia and Laura's man share a kiss.

Week Four

Just after the recoupling, Ellie loses interest in Alex and he finally snaps! It's the end for two more couples as Megan leaves Eyal for Wes - and Laura has a lot to say about being pied off. And just after Eyal and Zara are dumped by their fellow Islanders, Casa Amor opens this doors. Twelve new singletons arrive - including Jack Fincham's old flame.

Week Three

Three more singletons arrive - Sam, Zara and Ellie - and Adam, Alex and Wes seem very interested in the girls. In fact, Adam ditches Rosie for Zara, sending her home. Our resident doctor also seems to have cured his loneliness as he shares a kiss or two with Ellie. But things aren't as sunny for Wes as Laura expresses her jealousy after his and Ellie's date.

Week Two

The arrival of three new islanders - Megan, Josh and Charlie - sent the villa into chaos as the singletons fought for attention. No two people fought more than Eyal and Alex, who both wanted Megan for themselves. And at the end of the week, one couple was sent home.

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Week One

The long, hot summer of love kicks off as the first singletons arrive on Love Island. Adam controversially decided to steal Kendall from Niall, but then developed a love triangle with Rosie. The week didn't fair much better for the other Islanders as Alex spent it alone, Dani and Jack were on-again off-again and Hayley and Eyal's relationship failed to launch.