Who is Kieran Nicholls? Meet the new Love Island 2018 contestant hoping to “tame” Megan

The 26-year-old personal trainer says he's got his eye on Kaz and Megan - but will he make a move in the villa?

Kieran Nicholls Love Island

26-year-old Kieran Nicholls loves a “confident woman”, used to be a chef and (he claims) has never cheated on a previous girlfriend – but will it be enough to win over the Love Island girls he’s got his eye on?


“I don’t try too hard, I just try and be myself and people will either like it or they won’t. A lot of people try too hard but I’m a genuine, honest person and a nice guy. That makes me stand out from others,” says the personal trainer.

What does Kieran look for in a girl?

He’s got abs you could bounce coins off, but it sounds like underneath it all, Kieran’s a bit of a softie. His last relationship lasted five years, and the couple only broke up eight months ago.

“That relationship taught me a lot,” Kieran admits. He values loyalty in a relationship, and claims that looks aren’t high on his list of priorities.

“If I have a 10 out of 10 on my left side and a 5 out of 10 on my right, and the 5 out of 10 was more confident and the 10 out of 10 was boring, I’d go for the five out of 10 all day long,” he says. “I want someone to be themselves but confidently express themselves and have a laugh. Looks aren’t everything to me.”

However, Kieran also admits he finds Megan “pretty hot”, and he’s quietly confident he can change her ways: “Maybe she might meet someone like me who will tame her.”

Kieran’s unafraid of stepping on toes, which will come in handy – he’s also got his eye on Kaz, who recently coupled up with Josh.

“I’ve got my eye on Kaz in terms of looks and personality. She has her head screwed on and she knows where she wants to be and that’s a trait I look for.”

Who is Kieran Nicholls? Key facts

Who is Kieran coupled up with on Love Island? No one – yet

Age: 26

Job: Personal trainer

Location: London

Instagram: @kierannicholls.11


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2