Love Island’s Jack reveals he has a poster of Danny Dyer on his wall and viewers are VERY conflicted

Some find it hilarious – others plain creepy

Danny Dyer, Dani Dyer, Jack Fincham (Getty, ITV, EH)

From the clash between Georgia and Josh, Wes shedding a few tears over Megan’s new relationship and the sitdown between Jack’s ex Ellie Jones and Dani, last night’s Love Island left us with plenty of talking points.


But the most important? Ellie revealed that Jack has a poster of Danny Dyer above his bed.

Yes, the Danny Dyer, Eastenders star and father to Jack’s girlfriend Dani.

For some fans, it was the biggest revelation to come out of this year’s villa…

It was made all the funnier after Jack clarified to the beach hut that he doesn’t have a shrine to the EastEnders star…

…And when Dani’s main problem was that Jack has posters on his wall at age 26.

But while the news left some fans suspicious of Jack…

…most were just wondering what kind of poster it is.


Love Island is on 9pm tonight, ITV2

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