She’s out: Love Island’s Georgia Steel has left the villa alongside partner Sam Bird, with the pair booted from the ITV2 show after refusing to partner up at the most recent recoupling.


And although this might be a sign Georgia was indeed loyal to her other half, her exit gives us a chance to talk about how close she got to another islander.

Of course, we’re talking about her kiss with islander Jack Fowler – the one Georgia claimed had been forced on her, despite the footage apparently indicating the reverse was true.

“I have watched the clip back and I'm very very shocked, to be honest. That's not how I remembered it at all!” Georgia told and other press. “But it's only a kiss at the end of the day.”

The ex-Islander also addressed accusations that the sequence had been filmed several times: “At the end of the day, it's a television programme. Things have to get filmed at different angles. That's how television works,” she revealed.

“Nothing is fake [in Love Island]. Nothing is staged. It's all to do with how you feel," she continued. "I just kind of do what I want to do and we get different angles.”

And although we can be pretty sure the moment was shot from two different angles (pay attention to the wine bottle continuity error in the clip) below, was the actual kiss filmed more than twice? “Yeah," she said, before quickly backtracking: "Honestly, I don't know. I can't remember.”

Of course, that wasn’t the only controversy the islander was at the heart of. Viewers highlighted that although Georgia had claimed Josh cheated on her, she had gone to date other people while still involved with Sam.

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Her response? “When you are dating somebody you do date other people as well. That's what human beings do.

“I feel like me and Josh were coupled up together for a long long time. Before he went to Casa Amor he was very, very forward. He was saying he wanted to do things together outside the villa. He wanted to be with me and take me to his friends. And then within 24 hours he's sharing a bed with another girl!"


She added: "I personally think that his feelings weren't sincere with me."

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